Meter reading and billing specialists

For embedded networks and utilities

We understand the energy and utility market

Over the last 25 years we have refined WA-specific utility data capture and billing processes that deliver quality for our customers.

Our Services

Meter reading

Cyclic meter reading, both automatic and manual. Special reads. Master and embedded network utility meter reading. Off cycle meter reading, final reads and property inspections.

Billing services

Reporting for electricity, gas, water, thermal, after-hours air-conditioning. Billing reconciliations and exception processing.

Contract management

Supply contract negotiations.

Meter management

Meter network surveys, inspections, replacements & upgrades.

Utility data

Utility data benchmarking. Data management and validation.


Cost recovery, tariff and tariff comparisons. Historical data analysis, gap analysis.

About Us


Over the last 25 years of reading meters and generating bills and reports, Energy-Tec have developed a strong reputation for reliability and industry expertise. We service a diverse range of property types from airports, universities and industrial precincts to small retail and residential developments across Western Australia.


Our data collection capability includes automated meter reading systems, building management systems, web-based data access and manual meter readings.


Our business model is designed around consistently honing and refining our meter reading and billing processes to meet the demands of WA's unique and evolving energy and utility market. We help navigate a transparent path through the multi-master and embedded meter network environment.


We collect data from all types of metering systems including gas, water, electricity and thermal. No job is too large or too small.